Alexander McLeod LICSW

Alexander has immediate openings.
He accepts the following plans: Health Partners, Cigna, BCBS, Aetna, First Health, UCARE and Private Pay (HSA or major CC).
Alexander McLeod is an MSW and LICSW who graduated top of his class from Saint Catherine University and maintains certifications for Personality Disorder advanced treatment and diagnosis, DBT, and EMDR. Alexander has experience working with incarcerated persons in therapeutic settings utilizing DBT and EMDR techniques.
He has been featured on the cover of IMPAAKT (click here) Magazine’s Most Influential Mental Health Leaders Edition. He studies personality trait theory, human behavioral development, and trauma, and specializes in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder among other Cluster B Personality Disorders and other clients who have experienced significant trauma and behavioral issues.
Alexander also sees clients (18 plus) who experience Bipolar Disorders, PTSD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, and other emotional and behavioral issues. His belief is that to heal from trauma and create emotional or behavioral change, we must interact with every part of ourselves, even if some of those parts appear very dark. He says “we often can’t accept who we are if we reject the reality of how we are. Rejecting how we are stymies who we wish to become.” Alexander works primarily with adults and encourages that the client best suited to his style of therapy is someone who can appreciate an informal approach, is okay with laughter, and understands that they want to make a change, not for the world, but for themselves.
In his personal time, Alexander has collected Pokémon cards since childhood and continues to collect to this day. He intermittently practices Jiu Jitsu where he has competed on promotions such as F2W, and other forms of martial arts and fitness. Alexander enjoys hot wings and “poorly” playing guitar.

Self-pay rate $160

For active clients, please email in the portal. If you need to cancel or reschedule you are able to do this within the portal and it is the best place to let him know about having to cancel late through the messaging tab. (envelope icon)

Contacting him about ongoing clinical matters is discouraged as it is not HIPAA compliant and should be reserved for in-session time.

Messaging inside the portal is the preferred form of communication. If you are a professional trying to coordinate care with Alex, please fill out an appointment request and the administrator will have him contract you.

For Crisis or urgent situations, please call 911 for a crisis. For urgent situation please call the national crisis number as your therapist is not available outside of regular business hours. Dial 988.